Karl in the Humphrey Public Affairs Review

This will perhaps be the shortest post in this blog’s history, but busy grad students have to find creative ways to keep their blogs going. Here is a link to a piece I just published in the Humphrey Public Affairs Review.

Okay, that sounds a little more impressive than it is. I’m the managing editor of HPAR and get to decide what gets published and what doesn’t. I wrote a quick piece to serve as an example for a new type of submission we’ll be publishing this year, a series of 500-800 word op eds that will, hopefully, stimulate debate and help keep HPAR active year round, instead of just putting out issues heavy on academic articles every semester. The subject matter is hardly new¬†to anyone who’s followed this blog for long, and mostly rehashes my summer reading. But if you’re feeling deprived of my writing, here’s a quick spurt of it. And don’t worry, Duluth primary election comments will be along later this week.